Version 0.99 released

Today I uploaded the new Jinx! version 0.99. A few bugfixes and small changes, as well as some new features:

  • fixed some possible race conditions on scene changes for some generators
  • fix spectrum analyzer band calculation for a matrix width > 128 pixel
  • extend allowed matrix dimension for width and height to 4 – 320 Pixel, limited by a pixel count limit of max 16384 pixels (see manual for more info)
  • matrix options dialog now corrects width/height directly if any limit has been reached
  • preview grid will be disabled automatically if pixel size in preview window drops below 1 pixel
  • optimize metaball calculation for large matrices to save more cpu time
  • implement more command line options: now you can autostart a scene or chase and also invoke show mode on startup via command line
  • for debugging purposes you can now reduce output frame rate to 20fps via command line (see Manual for more info)
  • implemented offset into Radar/Scan Line to get a defined starting point when a scene with this generator gets loaded
  • new perspective transform effect for Scrolling Text also known as star wars effect
  • $TIME and $LTIME placeholders now gets replaced inside a text instead of replacing the whole text, so you can use the time inside a multiline scrolling for example
  • new generator: Fading Pixels
    will generate randomized pixels which will fade out – you can adjust pixel count, size, fadespeed and color (including randomized pixel color)