Jinx! V2.3 – Some small additions and bugfixes

After a long break I am happy to release the next Jinx! version. Its not a major update, but it will give you some bugfixes and enhancements and a few new features. First of all there are some bugfixes for the custom gui especially for multimonitor setups. We also fixed some bugs inside Jinx!Script (FOR/NEXT as well as PGET). Jinx!Script also got some new functions with asin() and acos(). And the variable store has been optimized, so Jinx!Script now operates about 30% faster than before. Look inside the manual or online help for the two new functions.

Another great enhancement are the downsizeable preview windows. The matrix preview windows now automatically downsize the preview when there are more pixels inside your matrix as your preview will have on the screen. So we are now able to display bigger matrices inside these panes, which means I increased the pixel limit inside Jinx! to a maximum width/height of 480 pixel. Also the overall pixel limit has been raised to 48000 pixel.

The DVI Window is now resizeable too and will even work in fullscreen mode, where you can additionally display a grid in it. So the dvi window can now be used on a second monitor to do a matrix simulation over a big display or beamer.

The next small enhancement will be the overall colorpicker, which can be invoked by rightclicking on any Red/Green/Blue Slider inside the effect configs and will give you the possibility to choose your color at an ease. I really like this 🙂

The last addition in Jinx is the ability to bind the incoming and outgoing network traffic to a specific network card/ip address. So you can directly send over a dedicated network card and keep your main network clear from broad- and multicasts.

As always look inside the manual or online help to get more information about the new features.

I also added some new User Jinx!Scripts to the download page. A special Thanks to Silas for sharing his scripts with us.


  • fix some custom gui bugs
  • fix context menu positioning for multimonitor setups
  • fix JnS PGET, which didnt return 0 for points outside the matrix
  • fix JnS FOR/NEXT loop, which could break under some conditions
  • implement asin() and acos() into JnS
  • speed enhancement fpr JnS variable store
  • implement preview window resizing for bigger matrices
  • raise pixel limit to a width/height of max 480px as well as ovreall pixel limit to 48000px
  • make dvi window resizeable and allow fullscreen mode with grids
  • implement color picker for effect color config
  • implement network option to bind in- and outgoing network traffic to a specific ip/nic