Jinx! V2.2 – some small additions

Today I released Jinx! version 2.2. There are only some small additions in this release. First of all we got some new commands inside Jinx!Script as well as access to the audio rms level inside Jinx!Script. There are some additional demo scripts to see how the new commands can be used. The next new options is the ability to patch monochrome pixels. You can simply set all 3 colors to the same output channel and Jinx! will calculate the grey level value at output stage to drive single color pixels. You can also use the new fast patch option „monochrome“ to simply patch a monochrome matrix with 1 channel per pixel.
To make scene changes within a live show more comfortable you can now us the auto scene fade. If the auto scene fade option is active, Jinx! will automatically place the next selected half scene on the left or right side and will start and auto crossfade to the new scene. So you can simply click a new (half) scene inside the show mode or scene window to get a crossfade on it. The crossfade speed can now be adjusted as well. This feature can be enabled by the „Auto“ button inside the scene window or show mode window. See the manual for more information about this feature.

Starting with V2.2 all Jinx! binaries will be digitally signed by me, so you can be sure to get an original and non patched version. Additionally Jinx! will check the digital signature while starting and will prevent any modified binary from getting executed.


  • digital signed binaries with Authenticode check
  • new mathematical commands for Jinx!Script: round(), floor(), ceil(), see the manual for more informations
  • implement audio rms level access into Jinx!Script, see Simple VU Meter and Simple Audio Waveform demo scenes/scripts
  • new „scroll“ command for Jinx!Script to move the last screen in any direction, see manual for more information
  • implement hsv2rgb and hsl2rgb conversions into Jinx!Script, see manual for more information
  • implement auto scene fade to easy assign and auto crossfade half scenes
  • make auto fade speed adjustable
  • implement monochrome pixel patch mode, Jinx! will calculate the grey level if all three colors inside a patch will point to the same channel
  • implement monochrome mode into fast patch dialog
  • „only draw patched pixel“ in matrix options windows have been renamed to „use patch state for pixel drawing“ and will also display monochrome patched pixel with grey level inside the preview windows
  • bind artnet output to udp source port 0x1936 to completely fit the specs, because some rare controllers only accept artnet packets from source port 0x1936
  • swap ip / universe text display inside patch window for output device
  • fix to coreectly display scene preview while editing a chase