Jinx! V2.1 – Some small additions and more bugfixes

So another release for this week. There had been some more bugs to be fixed and I also added some small features. In the main mix, we have now 2 more merge/mix modes (Move Left/Right and Move Up/Down). The Image Viewer got also some transitions for the slideshow mode. If you are using the slideshow mode, you can now choose between different transitions or use them all with a random generator.

Another small feature I added, are region templates. Within the region settings you now can save an unlimited amount of preconfigured regions as a named template. So if you use the regions heavily, you can recall your defined regions with a simple click and dont have to set the coordinates every time. The region templates get saved within you .jnx show file.


  • fixed some GDI memleaks, which can produce graphical garbage on your windows if you use Jinx! for a long time without restarting
  • fixed a graphical error in the plasma edit dialog
  • fixed background painting on checkboxes if the text changes
  • fix image viewer image load routine, which can lead to an app crash if you try to load a damaged image file
  • fix artnet sequence number to start at 1 when transmitting instead of 0
  • implement two more mix modes into main mix (Move Left/Right, Move Up/Down)
  • implement image transitions into image viewer for slideshow mode
  • implement region templates to store and quickly recall predefined regions

Have Fun !