Jinx! V2.0 – A double Jinx! in One …

mainIm proud to be able to release the new Version 2.0 today. After month of work I think I reached a stable state with all the new features V2 will introduce.

First of all: We doubled Jinx! So we now have 8 effect generators at all. To use all these generators in a usefull way, I also made some additions to the scene store. You can now save full (all 8 generators) or half (only one side, means 4 generators) scenes and assign the half scenes to any side of Jinx!. So you can really work with the different sides and crossover single (half) scenes with the main crossfader, this also works with the chase engine.
The remote control gots enhanced to use 8 channels now, so you can assign half scenes to the left or right side in Jinx! via remote as well as you can control the main crossfader and the crossfade mode via remote control. Additionally the remote control gots a complete Midi support.

Another cool feature are the regions. You can now set a region (size and position inside your matrix) to every single generator, so you can divide your matrix into sections or simply build more complex and cool matrix effects.

A lot of work has also been done for the gui. We now have a custom gui, which can freely be colored or you can use the classic window controls like in Jinx! V1. Additionally the scene and chase window is now fully resizable as well and the window sizes, states and positions gets saved into a new options file, which is independent from your show files.

Here is a small change log with a few notes on using the new features, please look into the online help/manual for more explains:

  • implement 4 more effect generators
  • implement full and half scenes: on saving a scene you will get asked if you want to save the left or right side or everything (full scene), a full scene will save everything like in V1 and half scene will save only one side without the main mix. To recall a half scene you can click it with the left mouse button to assign left or the right mouse button to assign it right. Inside the show mode you have 2 buttons two set the side the next selected scene will get restored, so you can use it with a touchscreen and dont a need a right click in there. Full scenes are marked inside the scene list with a [F] as prefix.
  • make the chase engine working with full and half scenes and add the crossfade mode into the crossfade step
  • add more channels to the remote control, so you can assign half scenes to the left and right side of Jinx! and additionally added a remote control for the crossfader and the crossfade mode
  • add Midi as input protocol to the remote control, the remote controls can be freely patched to any midi channel programm or control change
  • redesigned gui to use custom controls which can be freely colored. You can choose between classic windows controls, 2 fixed color schemes and custom color schemes which can be made by yourself (see evil_red_demo_gui.col file and the manual for more infos)
  • chase and scene windows are now fully resizable
  • window size, state and positions gets saved into the new options.dat file as well as the selected color scheme
  • implement regions to every generator (R button), so you can size and place an effect freely into your matrix instead of always using the full matrix
  • you can now skip the smooth autofade on the main mix by doing a double click on the buttons to directly jump to the wanted position
  • optimize output routines to reduce jitter and latency on serial and network protocols
  • implement artnet sequence numbers into artnet protocol (switchable)
  • a lot of small bugfixes for the gui and error handling

I hope you enjoy the new version and you will keep me always up to date with new ideas you have.