Jinx! V1.51 – Small changes for scrolling text

Just a small update with some bugfixes and minor changes for the text engine.

First of all Jinx!Script has become a modulo operator (%), see the manual for more information. The other changes affects the text engine. In scrolling text, as well as within the expanding shapes effect, it is now possible to use the global font list from your system. Jinx! will display its own small font list as always, but you can invoke the complete list by selecting „More …“ inside the font list and you will get all fonts that are installed on your system to work with (including symbol fonts). The second change inside the scrolling text engine is the possibility to load the text dynamically from a file. After activating and choosing a text file the text that will be displayed gets loaded from the file. The file will also be monitored for changes (last write time stamp) and Jinx! will reload the text when needed. This is especially useful to display dynamic data you get from another application, for example the actual artist and title that is playing within a media player. Only the first textline will get loaded and the file has to be ANSI encoded, the global text limit with 255 chars inside Jinx! will take place in this option as well.


  • implement modulo operator into Jinx!Script (%)
  • implement global font table, to make all system fonts available
  • integrate global font table into scrolling text, invoke complete table by selecting „More …“ inside the list
  • integrate global font table into expanding shapes as well
  • correct docked scene window position after closing chase window with the close button
  • adding pixelstep into Jinx!Script demos: moving tile puzzle, bouncing balls
  • implement text-from-file into scrolling text to dynamically load the text from file, the file gets monitored (last write timestamp) and reloaded if needed, file has to be ANSI encoded