Jinx! V1.5 – Introducing Jinx!Script

The new Jinx! V1.5 release will bring you endless possibilities and the power to do whatever you want: Welcome to Jinx!Script, just code your own effects fast, easy and with the full flexibility only a programing language can give you.

Jinx!Script is very small but powerful programming language which uses an easy to read and learn BASIC like dialect.  You have all necessary functions and commands like loops, conditions and even simple sub routines to clearly code your ideas. You can use easy grpahic commands to plot pixel, draw lines, rectangles and circles and you even can draw text onto your matrix. You also have access to the autocolor values and have the possibility to use an audio trigger inside your own effects. Additional you can export config variables into the Jinx!Script Engine Window, so you can change parameters without editing your source and can even store these exported values into scenes. So you can use effect variations inside scenes without changing anything inside your yource codes.

The Jinx!Script engine is a small byte compiler which will translate your code at runtime into its own byte format, which will be run by a small integrated virtual machine. It is my first interpreter/compiler I ever wrote, so it was a lot of more work then I ever thought, you cant imagine how complicated it can be to calculate a mathematical string like ((3+4)*16/3*sin(90/2)-16^2)/(999-13/2) … I worked hard on the engine and it looks very stable and hopefully bugfree to me, so I decided to release it.

I added some really nice and useful sample sources into the Jinx! package and ready to run demo scenes, so you can easily test the whole feature. Look at the sample source codes and start to code your own effects. Please take a look at the manual/help file. I tried to write down everything you have to know about Jinx!Script, the commands and the programing rules.


  • small bugfix for copy and paste, which can lead to troubles when you c&p a webcam generator
  • small internal optimizations for text drawing in scrolling text and expanding shapes
  • Implement Jinx!Script Engine