Jinx! V1.4 – New VU Meter and Webcam support

After some lack of time I finished the version 1.4 today. There are some bugfixes as well as some new generators and changes for the spectrum analyzer. First of all sACN is now able to send and receive multicast pakets to match the complete standard, the version check bug on importing scenes is fixed and multiple instances are back. The AVI Player is now able to automatically use the real frame rate which will be given by the avi file itself. A bit more changes have been done to the Spectrum Analyzer. You can now switch the direction the bars will follow to all 4 possible directions and you can reverse the bands as well (means high frequencys left, low frequencys right for example), additionally you can set the bar colors to smooth, so they will fade over to the next color instead of simply changing it.
One new generator is called Audio VU Meter. Its very similar to the spectrum analyzer, but will give you the overall rms level instead of frequency bars. You can choose stereo (2 bars) or mono and you can adjust the bars to any direction, width and matrix position. There are 3 colors like on the spectrum bars and they can be switched to color fading as well. For the Audio VU Meter you can also disable the autmatic gain control, so it will show the real level while the spectrum analyzer or another generator channel can use the agc to give a full screen picture.
Another new generator is called Capture Webcam. This will give you the possibility to use any direct show / wdm based webcam to transfer live pictures to your matrix. It will enum and give you all connected webcams to choose one and you can adjust the picture with the well known aspect ratio, smooth resize and color options (brightness, saturation, gamma). If you want to use any ip network camera, you can use a free available direct show filter which will convert any mjpeg capable ip camera into a wdm/direct show device: http://alax.info/blog/1216

I wish you a happy easter and a lot of fun with the Jinx! version.


  • implement sACN multicast for send and receive
  • make multicast (sACN) and broadcast (Art-Net) switchable in device config
  • allow odd chanel counts in Art-Net devices
  • correct artnet state on artnet poll for remote control
  • dont start dialog windows outside screen
  • fix context menu area on show mode
  • small fix for gamma lookup tables
  • fix file version check on importing scenes
  • rewrite some event handling routines and allow multiple Jinx! instances
  • option to use real framerate in avi player (will disable speed control for that channel)
  • implement bar direction, reverse bands and color fade option into spectrum analyzer
  • new engine: Audio VU Meter with bar direction, position and width config and switchable agc
  • new framegrabber engine: Capture Webcam to allow live broadcasting on your matrix with wdm/direct show devices, this engine is limited to 2 channels