Jinx! V1.32 – dynamically load FTD2XX driver

As already said with the Version 1.31, there was a dependency with the ftd2xx.dll and Jinx! didnt start without these dll or an installed FTDI driver. Version 1.32 now loads this driver dynamically when its needed (Enttec OpenDMX USB), so there is no dependency anymore and you can start Jinx! without this dll or an installed driver.


  • load ftd2xx.dll dynamically to avoid application dependency
  • avoid appcrash if a serial based device is added without any serial port in the System
  • change glediator file recorder to match the latest file Format used with Glediator 2.0.3 and the final UIB
  • make grid/preview background color switchable (grey/black) in Matrix Options dialog