Jinx! V1.3 – with resizable mainwindow, real DMX and sACN/E1.31

Today I released the version 1.3. A lot of work had been done in this version and lot has changed inside the engine. First of all, all generators now uses their own threads to use multi core cpus effective. We no can do much more cpu intensive effects (e.g. multiple Full HD AVIs with smooth resize and color control on a really small matrix) without dropping the frame rate or running into a hanging application. The second big change is the main window, which is now fully resizable. Also some new drivers has been implemented. We are now able to use sACN/E1.31 and real DMX with the Enttec Open DMX USB and Enttec DMX USB Pro interfaces. sACN/E1.31 as well as the Enttec USB DMX Pro can also be used as input for remote controlling Jinx!. To complete the output updates we now have also a borderless and freely placeable DVI window that can stay always on top. You wil find some notes about all inside the user manual.

Here is the (nearly) complete changelog:

  • fix bug for patching without fastpatch, first device could not be patched since v0.97
  • fix bug in bitmap export, color order was wrong rgb/bgr as well as a bmp stride bug, which took place on various matrix resolutions
  • made main window fully resizable, which needs some changes in the matrix options dialog and scene/chase window docking as well
  • all generators got its own thread to speed up and stabilize everything
  • a lot of internal optimizations and code cleanups
  • pixel limit has been rised to 24576 pixels
  • instance check on starting Jinx! – only one instance allowed to avoid threading troubles
  • new output protocols and devices: sACN/E1.31 (tested with sACNView), Enttex OpenDMX USB and compatible (tested with Enttec), Enttex DMX USB Pro and compatible (tested with EUROLITE USB-DMX512-PRO)
  • new input protocols/devices for remote control: sACN/E1.31 (tested with sACNView), Enttec DMX USB Pro (untested due the lack of hardware)
  • borderless DVI Output Window, which stays on top
  • all preview panes (including main and showwindow) now configureable via context menu (right click) for grid and stretching pixels, possibility to transfer the setting to all other previews
  • grid witdh in preview panes is configureable in the matrix options dialog
  • capture screen engine gots a new configure window and is now configureable for smooth or simple resize and the already known color controls with brightness, color saturation and gamma