Jinx V1.2 Release

Another small release which will fix some bugs and gives you a few new feature additions.

Small Changelog for V1.2:

  • fix $LTIME in scrolling text, which was broken since version 0.99
  • small fix for avi player to not crash when an avi is broken
  • a lot of code cleanups, simplifies and optimizes
  • Matrix Size dialog gets renamed to Matrix Options
  • new option inside Matrix Options to only draw patched pixels. Is this option active, you only see patched pixels in the matrix preview panes. In that way you can display a┬ácustom shape matrix.
  • new variables for scrolling text: $DAY, $MONTH , $YEAR – so you can display the actual date in any format you want (e.g. $DAY.$MONTH.$YEAR or $MONTH/$DAY/$YEAR)
  • additional color saturation, brightness and gamma controls for Image Viewer and AVI Player – especially useful to reduce the color loss you will get on resizing images or avis, additional it can be used as cool effect to color up your images/vids