Important – Invalid Certificates for Jinx! V2.2 and V2.3

With Jinx! Version 2.2 I started to digitally sign my binaries and also implemented a certificate check to avoid illegally patched versions. Unfortunately the code sign certificate I used (Startcom) has the so called lifetime flag set. This means that no timestamping will work and the certificate will get invalid when it expires in january 2017. This means after the 4. january 2017 Jinx Version 2.2 and 2.3 will not start anymore until you set the date on your pc back. Im very sorry about this, but I didnt recognized that the code signig certificate is unusable because of this lifetime flag. It also be a shame, that someone sells such stupid certificates.

Starting with Version 2.4 I will use a new Thawte codesigning certificate that will work as expected and will support timestamping, so the certificate will stay valid even if the certificate date has been expired.

So important for everyone, especially if you use Jinx in any production: Please update your Jinx! Versions to 2.4 (or later) to avoid problems next january.

Im really sorry about this and very disappointed that Startcom itself didnt give me a chance to avoid this without buying a new codesign certificate.